How to create a page on facebook

How to create a page on facebook

Facebook is the most used social network can help you create an active community around your site / blog if you use it correctly.
Create your fanpage is very simple:

Enter your personal Facebook account.

On the top bar click on the inverted right triangle.

Select the Create Page option .
Choose your business category .

When choosing your option , you can specify further your theme and add the name of your company.

Click on the blue button START . In the next window you can customize your new fanpag.

NOTE : Be sure to choose the right name for the URL , and warns that as Facebook , you can only change it once .

The next step is to choose the profile picture : Remember that now consumers like to know who they are dealing , considered to include a picture of yourself instead of your logo.
You can add your fanpage to your favorites to directly access it from your timeline.

The last section is very important, it can use the profile of your ideal client.

You can include or exclude sites, select the range of age, gender and interests. To do well and that your campaigns are effective, think carefully advise each new fact . Take the time to think what kind of audience is interested in your products or services.

When you save the changes , you're automatically entered into your new fanpage . a tutorial facebook help to guide your first steps and start activating your page opens.

Welcome to Facebook! Now you can include your link at the bottom of your newsletters to your readers visit you there.