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Frequently asked questions (7)

Frequently asked questions for users starting to work with Mailrelay.

How to Purchase (2)

How to purchase monthly plans and prepaid packagesInglés

Email delivery (13)

Why my subscribers are not receiving the emails? How to improve our delivery rate? Bounce...

SPF (3)

Questions about the spf record and how to add it.

Subscribers (6)

How to import, export and manage subscribers.

Design (10)

Informations about newsletter design, html, ETC

Senders (1)

Adding, managing and setting sender email addresses.

Settings (4)

Setting your Mailrelay account.

First steps (5)

Basic articles to start working with Mailrelay

API (2)

Examples to use the Mailrelay API.

Suscription forms (7)

Frequently asked questions about our suscription form.

SMTP (6)

Learn how to use our smtp service on different softwares.

Migration (9)

Informations on how to change to Mailrelay from another ESP.

Features (3)

Advanced features available on Mailrelay, A/B testing, RSS newsletters, etc.

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 We are in the age of mobile. If you noticed in your stats and analyzed from what type of devices...
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