Suggestions for designing templates for your Newsletter

Suggestions for designing templates for your Newsletter

The first impression is what counts. If you really want to impress and keep the interest of your subscribers, you have to pay special attention to the design of your templates.

We will share with you the basic tips to keep in mind to maintain consistency between your corporate image and the image that you offer in your newsletter:

Always include your corporate colors and fonts.
Do not forget to add your logo or image that represents you.
Use short paragraphs, four or five lines, to allow the reader to breathe.
Brand bold key phrases.
Use underscores to highlight secondary but remarkable information.
It includes several times your call to action over your email.
It uses a simple and familiar language.
It includes links to your social networks.
Do not forget to add the option to forward mail and unsubscribe.

Especially the latter is important. You are required to provide the low at all times.

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