How to share the content of your Newsletter on Twitter

How to share the content of your Newsletter on Twitter

Sometimes interesting read newsletters, store them and then we forget to read them again.

Moreover, the moment in which we open and analyze its content, we think that if you were on twitter share button, for example, to read the article would share when we had more time.

Well, surprise! You can add a link to tweet your blog article in your newsletter MailRelay very easily.

The service that makes this possible is Click to Tweet: ACCESS

1. Click on SIGN IT WITH TWITTER and authorizes the application to connect to your account.
2. Enter the phrase you want to be tweeted in the white box:
3. Add the link to the entry you promote in the bulletin and in the end, your twitter user:
5. Write a call to action in your newsletter type: tweet this article to read later!
6. Add the link you Click to Tweet overturned that sentence:

Fact! Each time a subscriber without your input time tweeting want to read later, you can do so from the same bulletin without problem.

As you see it is a very simple way to maintain the activity and interaction even your busiest subscribers.