How to send an email to subscribers who clicked on a link?

How to send an email to subscribers who clicked on a link?

This segment of your total subscribers in different groups, taking into account their interests and preferences will help you:

Increase the effectiveness of your email marketing campaigns.
Improve your conversion rate.
Reduce the number of casualties.
Selling more, better and who really is willing to buy what you offer.

If you want to learn more about the benefits of segmentation see the following article:
How to segment subscribers based on their interests

Create a new group is very simple:

You can do it from: groups of subscribers -> create

You will find the following:

Position: the order in which your groups will appear. You can leave the option that appears by default it does not affect your campaigns.
Name: the name of your group.
Description: what is the group.
Enable: put into operation.
Visible: will appear in your subscription form for your new subscribers can choose to join.

When you have configured the basic settings of your group, start segmentation.

Import subscribers who clicked on a particular link:

1. To determine which subscribers clicked on the link you want to analyze, go to -> Statistics - General Statistics.
2. Select the newsletter you will analyze and the time interval.
3. Click on the tab: clickers.
4. users who have made clicks your newsletter links appear.

URL: Select the link you want to analyze.
UNIQUE / REPEATED: if one user has by clicking twice on the same link, it will appear repeatedly. Choose only to prevent this from happening.
Click on SEARCH.

5. Check the number of records. You can see the bottom of the list of clickers, below right.
6. Click on Export, you'll find the button at the top of your list of clickers, left.
7. A excell be downloaded to your computer with all the information.

The next step is to import these subscribers to the new group we've created.

1. Enter the option SUBSCRIBERS.
2. Choose Upload File.
3. Select the file you exported with the information of your clickers.
4. Choose the new group you created from the drop down.
5. Click Import.

When the import is complete, you can send your next email campaign to the user interested in learning more.